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If you’ve ever wished you could skip the swipe/match/message part, and just conjure up a date for Friday night with the ease of ordering an Uber, Clover is the app for you. From cost to a break down of what you can (and can’t) do for free, this in-depth Clover dating app review has everything you want to know – including how it stacks up to Tinder. Manager Sign In Information © 2020 Clover Give ... ‎Clover lets you earn rewards at your favorite local businesses. Visit a participating spot, introduce yourself, and collect points to earn perks. Skip the line and place mobile orders for pickup right from the app. How it works: We designed Clover to be fast, friendly, and out of the way. When you… Making a Game. To make a minimal game, create a folder anywhere, and open up your favorite text editor. Sublime Text is a pretty good one for all operating systems, and it has Lua support built in. Create a new file in the folder you just created, and name it main.lua.Put the following code in the file, and save it. Clover cLoveworld is a one stop content platform. برجاء الاتحاد معنا بالصلاه و الصوم لفك أسر ثلاثة مخطوفين في الاسماعيليه شرق قناة السويس (سيناء) please join us in praying & fasting to release 3 kidnapped people in ismailia the other side of suez canal (Sinai) Egypt to be all the glory to GOD not any man not any ... APP Market 1,0,0,0 - Clover From my perspective clever is a great app for learning, but it’s got some programs on it that don’t help much. Like I Ready, it’ll teach you but the tutorials are way to long and don’t even support phones. It also won’t even let you run it from the browser and the fact that some students don’t have a computer to use I ready nor and ... 'Chris and I met three years ago on Bumble, the dating app.' Myers is an investment strategist. In December 2019 the couple moved into an apartment together in Eden Terrace, which they love. The Love Calculator is an affective way to get an impression of what the chances are on a relationship between two people. To find out what the chances for you and your dream partner are, just fill in both full names (both first and last name) in the two text boxes below, and press Calculate.


2013.08.02 14:05 steve_nyc ApplyingToCollege

This subreddit is for anyone looking for advice about undergraduate college admissions, including college essays, scholarships, SAT/ACT test prep, and anything related to college applications.

2017.04.09 01:27 ghostflu Welcome to the City of Paterson, New Jersey (Passaic County)

City of Paterson, New Jersey - Passaic County and its profound history as the "Silk City" including news, media, police/fire, and tourism.

2014.03.26 02:18 det0ur narwhal, an iOS app for reddit –🐳

narwhal, an iOS app for reddit. feature requests, bug reports, support, and friendship await. **getnarwhal.com** –🐳

2020.09.28 10:34 linay6231 Best 2D Animation Software in 2020

Best 2D Animation Software in 2020
Whether you are thinking of making animated videos for brand promotion or a business presentation, you can take advantage of 2D animation software. 2D animation software tools can be of vital importance in order to create animated videos. If you are thinking of attracting customers using attractive animated videos, the list has brought you some of the best 2D animation software tools that will let you create animated videos. Anyone who has an interest in creating animated videos can put these software tools to their use.
Synfig is one of the most popular 2D animation software tools. It comes with a wide range of editing tools and advanced options that let you create multiple layers. It offers the feature to add your own voice and any sound to the video clip. You can easily create animated videos with the help of images using the amazing software tool. Whether you have just started your career in the field or want to go further in the field, you can try out Synfig. Synfig is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. it is completely free. If you are thinking of establishing your career in the arena of 2D animation, you can go for Synfig as it will help you learn a lot.
Stop Motion Studio
Stop Motion Studio is really worth having a look at. The great features of this software make it stand out from other software tools on the list. This software tool offers a number of built-in sounds that you can use in order to enhance your animated videos. Whether you are making an animated video for business presentations or any other purpose, the 2D animation software tool is sure to appeal to you. It includes some great features such as the Chroma key and audio recording feature.
Stop Motion Studio comes with a sharing option that lets you share your animated video in a single click. This great software is a perfect option for both, whether you are a beginner in the field or a professional. In terms of the user interface, the software is really easy to use. It works on Windows, Android, or iOS. You can download the PC version of the software from the official website of the software.
FlipBook is one of the most loved software tools on the list. If you want to enrich your editing skills in the field and want to take your skills to a higher level, you can go for FlipBook. With the help of this software, you can easily sync sounds with animations and scan cells. This superb 2D software is not just limited to this much, but there is a lot more to it. You can draw an animation character using tools available on the software. If you are new to the world of 2D animation, you can go for this great 2D animation software. The software is currently available for Windows and OSX. The price of the software starts from $19.99.
Maefloresta is considered to be a useful 2D animation video maker tool. The best thing about this software tool is, it is completely free. The second best thing about it is, you don’t have to stick to your PC every time you make an animated video. Apart from the PC version, this amazing software tool is available for Android and IOS also. It includes all the necessary tools to create an animated video. If you have a close look at the user interface of the app, you will surely get impressed. You can create a presentation for your school or any business meeting. The thing that makes everyone happy about this 2D animation software is, you don’t have to shell out any penny in order to use it as the software is absolutely free.
If you are interested in creating 2D animation videos, these software tools mentioned above will surely prove useful to you. You can choose whichever works best for you.
Source :- https://dindependent.com/best-2d-animation-software-in-2020/
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2020.09.28 10:29 kornest [REQUEST][STEAM] Resident Evil 3 Remake [STEAM STORE - 29.99€]

Hello GoG!
This will be my second attempt trying to have this game
First of all, let me start to talk about my favorite series ever: Resident Evil
Resident Evil was the game that introduced me to the Playstation 1! I will never forget that moment cus, now looking back to it, sure makes me laugh.
There I was, a 7 year old boy with a PS1 and Resident Evil game... "What the hell is this game?" - I wonder. "It as zombies, so it might be cool. I pop up the disc, start the game and then... I see myself in get thrown out of a building burning in flames and thousand of zombies coming in my direction!!!!! (of course it was mayve 2 or 3 of them ahah. I try to escape...and die, right in the start! ahahah! It took me 2 tries to be able to escape the intro of the game. It almost came to a point I had to ask my father to sit next to me watching me play for me to feel somekind of safety playing a zombie game, in the first times uhhhhhh! :facepalm:
Looking back to it, that was true innocent enjoyment... the feeling of ansiety of not knowing when the next zombie would pop up, would I be able to escape to it, OMG I DON'T HAVE ANYMORE BULLETS HELP ME!!!! the joy of being able to solve a puzzle and move forward to the next and feeling pretty intelectual ahah (This memories made me smile so much, what a innocent and scared little boy)
From there moment on, playing the Resident Evil's was always a must have. 3 was astonishing (PS1) for that time, Nemesis is incredible as boss (Maybe even more badass in this gen graphics??). Don't even make me talk about the brillancy of RE4, because as I mentioned in another thread, it's my most played game on PS2 ( 21 Playthourghs), played through 5 and 6, and Revelations 1 a 2 in PS3, and currently finished 7 wich was very incredible and a much good return to it's roots.
Afther the huge impact and sucess of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, dispite all the negative reviews and the "cut content" stories, I still love idea of getting back to fight the nemesis in the Streets of Raccoon, and I'll always going to play them all dispite being crap to the general audiences, because...It's Resident Evil!
I'm asking if someone here, could have the kindness to provide it to me, to at least have something to get me through this dark times, where I'm still confined to my home, remote working, and avoiding crowds and going out's as much as possible, Unfortunaly, the fact that I'm in lay off with 30% cut in my salary and bills to pay, doesn't allow me to buy this game. It sucks, but that's I'm asking you, GoG.
Previously, this game was in fanatical store at 35€, but now it's on sale on steam for 30€. I'll leave the link here
So, thank you for take at least the time to read me, and please remember to stay safe
Here's my steam profile and please if you have any question, feel free to shot! :)
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2020.09.28 10:12 Cartmanland12 post-emoji movie Trauma

WARNING: the following text contains spoilers and can be considered disturbing to some readers. especially my brain, because it’s leaking out my ears after typing this.
This is the first movie ever I’ve gone to see on opening night. And let me just say that, for the record, I’m glad I went to watch with friends. Without them, I would have most likely calmly exited the room, climbed up to the roof, and dived straight off.
I’m honestly fucking terrified of how much this shitty movie has pushed me to the edge. I’ve never felt more ANGRY in my life and at the same time wanted to just curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. This is so fucked up. What made it possible for this level of psychological warfare to be used so casually by Sony? Why did they decide this was ever a good idea to present to the public? I’m still shaking (and not from the overpriced Coca-Cola I was sold). Whether it’s out of rage or fear, I don’t know. Not even throwing myself into the deep fires of hell can attempt to restore the intrinsic warmth I felt before I witnessed this crime of a movie. They say that there’s a special place reserved below for people who cause enough pain to humanity, and it is at this point where I pose this question to the following:
Tony Leondis. Eric Siegel. Mike White. Michelle Raimo Kouyate.


Did you want this to happen to me? Was this the plan all along? To destroy everything you could possibly love in the process of creating this film, to make the audience suffer without any remorse? You got PATRICK FUCKING STEWART as a voice actor, and what is it you do?

Yeah, you make him play A WALKING PILE OF SHIT!!!!

Someone could’ve ran up to me after I left the theater, put a shotgun directly up to my forehead, pulled the trigger, and that would have still not come close to how much my mind had been blown at the shocking reality that this movie, this spawn, could exist in the known universe and continue to be shown to innocent people. There were kids there. Hopeful, happy, young kids with iPhones who thought it was a great idea to head off to the movies and watch a funny relatable movie about emojis without a care in the world. Communicating ideas without the use of words is the “staple” of their generation, as the movie so proudly portrays (even comparing it to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics!), and there’s no reason a family shouldn’t agree to bring their children to this beautiful, heartwarming adventure, right? WRONG.
Nothing could have prepared me for the horrific amount of groan-worthy jokes this movie tossed out. I’ve been wracking my brain for an entire hour trying to remember the most potent ones, but they were so easily forgettable that I can only recall a few offhand. They were tragic. Whenever an opportunity for a shitty pun showed itself, you can bet your ass the writers took it and ran with it to lengths beyond the realms of humor. From the character known as Hi-5′s nonchalant Bye Felicia! to his two puns about snapping (as if one wasn’t enough), I wanted to get up and scream at the ceiling in the hopes that my cries of agony would disrupt the structural integrity of the building and have it fall on top of me, finally freeing me from the slow-cooker of torture that is The Emoji Movie.
At a certain point, Hi-5 (by the way James Corden, I thought you were cool. I thought you were here for us, for all of us as an entertainer, but you just had to take part in ruining me and the world as we know it by accepting this role. I will never forgive you.) mentions something about his heart beating. His… heart? This walking, talking hand has a heart? Does he have lungs? What other internal organs could fit in there and be capable of being slapped around constantly as a result of his stupid ass decisions? Why doesn’t he have arms like Gene or Jailbreak, does his body somehow take into account that he’s already a living appendage? This movie is making me sit and contemplate the anatomy of a fucking animated HAND, and that’s not even as preposterous as a thought can get while watching.
On multiple occasions throughout my viewing experience, I had to take a break to just lean back and sigh, both in anguish of what was happening on screen as well as the sheer exhausting aspect of it all. The voice acting couldn’t have been more unreliable. Every other line it was a gamble between it being a poorly executed pun delivered so flatly that not even the 4-year old up front let out a little giggle, an obvious statement about what they’re planning to do next, or the most unremarkable snippet of backstory ever revealed. I’m sure all those scenes between Gene and Jailbreak where they gaze at each other were meant to be construed as romantic, but her blasé response to each of his approaches because she “isn’t some princess waiting for her prince” or how “women are deserving of more respect” completely knocked the mood off whatever pedestal it was stepping up to. I get it, these are actual important themes that need to be recognized, and I would be more than happy to see this acknowledged in a movie built on as many metaphors as Zootopia, but the timing of her commentary was the worst I’d ever seen. The constant interruptions made it seem like her words shouldn’t be taken seriously at all!
Unsurprisingly, character background was virtually (unintentional pun. I’m incredibly sorry.) nonexistent, and everything that’s possible to be wondered about the universe could pretty much be answered with a big shrug. For example, why does Hi-5 have a band-aid? Did he get stabbed or something? When did Gene begin to show signs that he was capable of other emotions? Was the Just Dance girl deleted after the trash bin emptied itself out? We didn’t see any signs of the characters going back for her after Hi-5 had to shake off the troll, so did they just leave her there to die? If Jailbreak had been working for a long time to get out, why didn’t she use more of her hacking skills? She pulled up her hologram window things maybe three times total to escape or hide somewhere, does she seriously not have anything else in her repertoire that could potentially help Gene and Hi-5 get to where they need to be quicker? There’s so many questions that don’t even get passively explained. Then again, I’m arguing against the same people who genuinely advocated for the setting to be called Textopolis.


The ONE emoji with zero interesting qualities and the most monotone parents that, for some fucking batshit insane reason, were given more than the minute of screen time they deserved. I understand for a quick gag, their emotionless response to everything could be funny, but their conversations would just stretch on and on and on. As for Gene, I trusted you, T.J. Miller. I can’t believe you betrayed me, especially after such a hilariously perfect role in Deadpool. Never in my life have I felt so disappointed in a single person. There is no justifiable reason for you to be proud of what you’ve done here. To be honest, I’m pretty sure I astral projected at least three times as I struggled to repress the memory of this trainwreck before it even ended. When I wasn’t desperately clawing at the armrests mid-convulsion, I was staring vacantly at the center of the screen, wondering how this week could have gone so wrong.
This was basically a 91-minute long advertisement. The whiplash of traveling between product placement to product placement nearly made me throw up, which was ostensibly the only thing that could’ve made this worse. Dropbox, Spotify, Candy Crush, Just Dance, YouTube, Facebook, and the almighty Twitter, I hope you’re happy with what you’ve wrought. The “emoji-pop” dance assaulted my eyes so suddenly, acting as the unnecessary cherry on top of the feel-good ending; I think that’s when I officially lost all hope in enjoying the rest of my night.
It’s honestly taking every ounce of my being to hold onto the little bit of life that I have after the Emoji Movie ripped my soul to shreds. The amount of violation I felt as my ears were subjected to endless pop culture references that were relevant years ago, nightmarish depictions of the content of each app on Alex’s phone, and the fact that the god damn Eggplant was in the Unused Emojis room when everyone knows that’s not the case is indescribable. I now have to live with the fact that every time I switch keyboards on my phone, those blank yellow faces will serve as a dark reminder of what I’ve gone through. To any of you reading this that have also watched The Emoji Movie, I am so sorry. I know how difficult it is to process. My recommendation to each and every one of you who haven’t had the chance to witness this sickening spectacle is to KEEP IT THAT WAY. Don’t give in to the peer pressure; this abomination parading itself around as an endearing motion picture will wholly and truly rattle you to the core. My only solace was the complete absence of dabbing or whipping (apart from hearing the song), and I’d like to thank every deity above and below for that small act of mercy.
Here’s to you, Sony. Thanks for ensuring that I not only sink deeper into my depression, but for forcing my mind to house the images I’ve seen today for as long as I live. I wish I could physically bring myself to chuck my phone in a garbage fire, but my entire body has gone numb. Here’s to you, and to all the writers, producers, and directors of this movie that made me sit in a corner pondering how I can possibly live in a future where this monstrosity exists.
Gravely, sincerely,

fuck you, and goodnight.

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2020.09.28 10:11 S1mpel eInk Reader for Anki

Hello anki,
I finally developed a stable habit of doing my daily Anki reviews. Now I would love to reduce my daily "screen time" as well and wonder what the options are for doing my daily Anki reviews on an eInk device. If I am not mistaken there are two options:
- Android eInk tablet + Ankidroid app
- "Conventional" eInk readers with built in browser + Anki web
Since I can't try both I would love to hear if any of you could share your experience with Anki and eInk devices :-)
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2020.09.28 10:08 ParziCR How can I play multiplayer without desyncing

Oh Civ, you are a beautiful yet frustrating game. The nights each week I spend in a game with friends are some of the most memorable moments from the last 6 months, and I thank you for it. That being said, the amount of times I have frustratingly slammed my forehead on the keyboard from "insert name here has desynced. Their client is reloading to correct the problem." has been enough to break my nose.
Here are the circumstances. My friends play on a combination of mac/linux/pc. Whenever I host (PC), we can usually boot into the game fine. Then by turn 20-80 or so, the desyncing every other turn occurs. However, that desyncing only appears to happen for everyone not on PC. The same is true when a Mac hosts, everyone on a Mac doesn't desync. We have tried everything to fix this, but it usually just results in us quitting the game and going to sleep. We've tried reloading the game, restarting everyone's clients, changing port forwarding settings, using command prompt, you name it we've tried it. This isn't an issue unique to us by the looks of it, here is a thread from 2016 that has been bumped with comments in the last month. If anyone here has any solutions for this issue it would be greatly appreciated.
Furthermore, different versions after updates means that our mac players have to edit a text file in order to join anyone else's lobby from PC. This happens every time the New Frontier Pass gets updated, and I frankly don't understand why a AAA game requires this to play cross-platform, a feature it openly advertises.
I really do love this game, and it is definitely one of my favorite games to play with friends. That being said, I don't see myself playing Civ again until I can get through an entire multiplayer game without someone desyncing.
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2020.09.28 09:53 thebestbev LPT - If someone you care about is caught up in a conspiracy theory, follow these tips.

  1. Disinformation experts recommend an “information hygiene” routine to prevent unwittingly spreading cult propaganda. People often share incendiary material with the intention of mocking or challenging its assertions – but platforms like Facebook regularly shear off contextualising comments. If you must mock, mock in your own words or memes; don’t ever republish the original to a wider audience.
  2. Remember, people reach out to social media when they’re seeking human contact; one of the most powerful lures of a cult is the socialisation it offers when individuals are in distress. With everyone in distress from coronavirus, maintaining meaningful spoken communication with loved ones through phone calls and – where safe – visits are more important than ever. Steer the conversation towards shared experiences and memories.
  3. Don’t take the bait to have brawls on the internet about the cults. Arguing the facts of an issue can have the effect of entrenching conspiracy attitudes in peers who may dig in to save face and defend their public social status.
  4. Instead, delete public comments and engage gentle private dialogue not to argue facts, but to encourage doubts. Believers in these things inherently have doubts – even if they’re buried deep – because verifiable proof doesn’t exist to support the cult’s claims. Try questioning responses such as: “There seem to be a lot of holes in this theory, don’t you think?”, “I’m not sure we should really trust an anonymous source, are you?”, “Don’t you think there’d be more evidence out there if this were true?”
  5. Experts recommend affirming to the “higher selves” of believers. It’s actually lovely to think your cousin is stirred to rescue children from the clutches of blood-drinking paedophiles, even if they don’t actually exist. Verbally acknowledging this is an important way of steering someone’s good emotional values into a logical rejection of the cult.
  6. Don’t expect an immediate deconversion from the person you’re trying to help. People who’ve left QAnon described to Rolling Stone their doubts like an accumulation of “cracks”, not a sudden revelation. Work in a group with other concerned friends and family members to reach out.
Full article here - https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/28/if-your-friends-or-family-have-fallen-for-an-internet-conspiracy-cult-heres-what-you-should-do?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
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2020.09.28 09:43 anura_ranidae Losing The Love of My Life

I don't know where else to write this.
No one has ever made me feel this way. You taught me patience. From the very start, I knew you were special. We met on tinder. You've never dated anyone and you were afraid of moving too fast. So we talked for months before we even decided to meet up for the first time. Even when there were other options around, even when you couldn't bring yourself to tell me you liked me, I left every dating app and stayed.
You taught me unconditional love. Your battle with depression was a tough one. It made you sensitive and afraid of love and the uncertainties it brings. But you never gave up. You were so brave and strong. Regardless of how tough my day was, your smile would make me so happy. I'd do anything to make you smile like that.
You tried to break up with me once. I couldn't understand for a long time, why would you assume the worst of everything I say. Why would a frown make you feel worthless? Why would my frustrations be your problem? I blamed myself for your pain, so did you and your friends. Going to therapy has made me realize your depression wasn't one I could shoulder, but at the time it was hard to see. I wished your friends didn't pull us apart. We were supposed to be stronger than that.
Last week, you broke up with me for a second time. You said you couldn't let us be a reason for your relapse. I wish I could have helped you. There was nothing I could have done, nothing I could have said. I didn't ask you to stay. We hugged the whole night, comforting each other and wiping tears of each others' faces. Walking away was one of the most difficult things I had to do. Doing the right thing for you wasn't difficult, but living each day without you by my side is so goddamn painful.
I miss you every day. Is everything better without me? Was I really the cause of your depression? I want you back, but I can't. I can't put you in relapse because of me. And I can't continue blaming myself for what you felt.
You told me I was the love of your life. And you said perhaps relationships are not for you. Maybe it's true, maybe I didn't do enough.
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2020.09.28 09:34 shanxst4R What does she mean?

There is this woman at work, 28, blonde and good looking. She was working with me for 2 years. While this time, I was in a happy relationship and did not do anything what could attack my loyalty regarding my girlfriend. 2 months ago I quit my relationship which lasted 3.5 years with the woman I loved as much as possible. However. The woman at work was always smiling at me, doing jokes and was visiting my office pretty much for some obscure topics (I'm an IT specialist). We always had these nice and sympathetic chats. We changed out our numbers. I asked her if she's available for the next days so we can go out and enjoy the weather. She did NOT reply. I tried to ask again the day after tomorrow. No response. I accepted the fact she didn't want to reply. I deleted her number. 4 days after deleting her number, she replied that she's sorry and didn't wanted to ignore me, that "at the moment, it doesn't fit so well yet".
She quit her job in the company and I took her equipment and so on. She somehow didn't want to leave the office and tried to say something but she never did. Maybe because my colleague was sitting in the office as well. However. I once again contacted her through WhatsApp with a voice note. I said that I like her and want to know more about her. She listened to it but that's two days ago from now. Still no reply.
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2020.09.28 09:05 MrObi-Ken If she only knew what she had in a solid Kodi build.

So, my wife said something and I have not been able to decide. Sooo, I’m ask’n Reddit.
I LOVE KODI! I love it because it makes me mad and I love I love Kodi because it brings joy, while never ceasing you amaze me. use Kodi for probably around 30% actual media consumption and 80% (I know the math) stripping and rebuilding, on what ever old garbage I can find. Just to show people that, “Dude! It still works.” Now that being said, my wife hates Kodi. Well, not so much Kodi as what I make her sit through because I am always “making a new” Kodi. She loves when it works and has even tried troubleshooting hear and there. But she is always going back to plex and, I hate the even typing the word 🙄Netflix. And it drives me up the wall so finally I asked what plex does she feel trumps the other. it all boiled down to the app, The setup as well, but mainly the lack of a great KODi app yes I’ve shown her infuse and VLC and all the others. But nope, that was it she wants the “plex”app and the simpler setup. I’m sure you can tell I love Kodi the way it is but I want my wife and her daughter to as well haha. So after all that, I’m curious...
View Poll
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2020.09.28 09:04 EmotionalShawty2k18 Not sure if I (25/F) have a future with my boyfriend (25/M).

Hi Reddit, this is my first time posting on here. I need some advice about whether I have a future with my (25/M) boyfriend, and if I should consider ending things or if I'm being overdramatic.
My boyfriend and I were long-time friends since high school. He's someone who is and has been extremely dear to me, I care about and love him a lot. We started dating in November 2019, sort of happened out of the blue. We lived on opposite ends of the state but distance wasn't an issue. We're from the same hometown, which I've since moved from for college and work, and which he still lives in. When lockdown started in March 2020, I came back home to be close to my family and boyfriend, but that's when things went downhill.
I found out he had been addicted to oxys and was hiding it from me. It was easier to hide it while we were doing long distance, but I stayed with him a few day a week when lockdown started and it eventually surfaced when he realized he couldn't keep it from me anymore. Addiction has plagued several of my friends and I knew something was off. Dealing with his addiction has been incredibly difficult and sadly changed the way view him and our relationship dynamic, though I know he's not to blame. It's just the nature of dealing with addiction. I'm quick to act on my emotions, something I've tried to deal with since my last relationship where my ex of five years cheated on me with my best friend. I've come to the realization that I've never addressed that trauma, but that's a different story. My highly emotional reactions definitely did not help the situation; it stressed both of us out more and probably was a reason why he felt compelled to continue using, as an escape. It basically became a vicious cycle that gets better and then worse, even as I am typing up this post. The trust issues are better some days when I can distract myself, and worse on others. We've hurt each other emotionally, psychologically, and physically. I'm not proud of it, but we've been through a lot together and the addiction has brought out the ugly in both of us. I know when forms of abuse are brought into a relationship, it's a sign to end things but we're hoping we can work things out and it's something we're consciously working on. I plan on seeing a therapist, and we're figuring out how to best help him because rehab is out of the question for him. He's also open to seeing a therapist and attending Narcotics Anonymous.
The addiction has left our relationship in a tattered state and feeling extremely distant from one another. So now more than ever, I feel that quality time is important in mending things (along with a plethora of other things, I know, I know.) I work a 9-5 full-time job, so I try to sleep by midnight and I'm up by 8 getting ready for the day. My boyfriend does not work off a set schedule so he sleeps and wakes up whenever he wants. He loves playing computer games into the early morning (6-8am, when I wake up for work) and spends a lot of his free time during the day doing so. Sometimes he doesn't sleep for 2-3 days at a time, citing that he's dealing with insomnia and that he doesn't want to lay in bed for hours staring at his phone. He's also not the best at sticking to commitments and being timely, a habit he's fallen out of since he doesn't have strict commitments on a day-to-day. It's hard for us to spend quality time together due to these things. He usually wakes up while I'm working or just about to get off around 6-7pm and goes off to do his own thing (whether it's working or playing computer games, sometimes leaving to meet up friends to smoke opiates). I usually ask him if he can come back over to my house, or if I go to his around the time I get off work, and he agrees. Then he keeps pushing the commitment, saying he wants to play a few more rounds of his computer game. If I'm staying at his place, I end up going to sleep alone and have slim meaningful interactions with him. He wakes me up several times throughout the night when he play on his computer and I get extremely upset and we argue. If I'm waiting for him at home, I stay up until 2am waiting for him to finish playing, end up sleeping at 4am because I want to spend time with him, or sleeping 20 minutes after he gets here because I'm exhausted and need to wake up early for work. If that's the case, he'll usually stay up watching Twitch or scrolling through social media on his phone, sleeping at 6am again, then the cycle of waking up late starts over again. I've communicated to him several times that this was an issue and it has become another point of contention that we argue and disagree over constantly. I want to be clear that I'm not trying to restrict him from his games or regulate his bed time, but I'm trying to carve out and establish some untouched time for us to spend together. In a way, my issues are really around how I feel that he's prioritizing his computer games over finding time to spend together. I also feel that he's being inconsiderate about my time, feelings, and effort that I'm putting into the relationship.
Another small thing is, I feel like he doesn't "have his shit together" and I feel like his mother. Maybe I bring that upon myself. I cook for him (otherwise he orders out for every single meal on a food delivery app), clean his apartment (he does not do so otherwise and it gets nasty in his studio, I'll tell ya), nudge him to brush his teeth and shower, and even remind him to work and tend to his responsibilities. All the while he's usually sleeping or playing computer games. If I'm asking him to do something that requires that his attention be taken away from the computer, I'm met with resistance and voices get raised. I used to get frustrated about this a lot and in a conscious effort to remove myself from the situation, I stay at home with my family instead. Maybe I'm being unreasonable about this and it's an expectation I need to manage, but I wish he would take care of himself a bit more. I think about how our future would look if these habits were not to change, and I get really sad. My boyfriend is a spitting image of my dad (ew), who "didn't have his shit together" (for a lack of other words) and couldn't care less about helping my mom in their small business or looking after me and my siblings. He slept in whenever he wanted, played games on his computer, and ignored all his responsibilities, including being a father. Again, besides the point, and probably another trauma I need to address.
Anyway, maybe I'm complaining too much. Maybe I just needed a place to vent. I'm not sure if I'm overreacting about all these things at this point, and maybe turning to Reddit to tell me to stop being an overly emotional person is my last ditch effort of continuing to work on the relationship. I don't talk to anyone about these things because the addiction is extremely personal, I just need another perspective because I think I'm too in my head about things at this point. Do I need to get over myself and do I have a future with my boyfriend, or should I call it quits?
Edit: Redacted location/area we live in.
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2020.09.28 09:00 throwaway162773_ I've been considering stretching my ears for so long. Should I do it, what are the pros and cons?

I'm 16, and after months of quarantine after discovering piercing subreddits, I've had this thought for a while. I edited my ears to look stretched and honestly I'm in love.
If I ultimately decided to not stretch my ears, my hope for my future ear setup is- Left Ear: 3 Lobes, a Conch, & an Industrial Right Ear: 3 Lobes & 1 Helix or Flat
My hypocthetical goal size is 2g. I'm really into a more minimal look, it's easier to hide, and I'm not really sure if I want stretched ears forever.
Pros - The jewelry! There is so much potential with stretched ears and you can do so much with them. Plugs, Tunnels, Weights, tunnels with hoops, etc. All of them look amazing. - I've been wanting to change something about my look and this is something I could do myself, without going anywhere. - I've been considering this for a while.
Cons - Never being able to wear studs or certain dangle jewelry in my first lobes. - I've never had a job before, and I'm afraid of what employers (and colleges) think. - The jewelry I have in mind for my future ear set up (if I don't stretch my ears) won't work with stretched ears because of the first reason. - I live with a family who, when I gave myself an eyebrow slit at around 14, held a prayer circle to tell me that I was a piece of shit human and pray that God can save me because I'm going to hell. For obvious and more personal reasons, I'm planning on going no-contact someday. But that won't be for several years.
So, should I do it? If not now, then later? Are there any other pros or cons that I missed?
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2020.09.28 08:58 throwaway162773_ I've been considering stretching my ears for so long. Should I do it, what are the pros and cons?

I'm 16, and after months of quarantine after discovering piercing subreddits, I've had this thought for a while. I edited my ears to look stretched and honestly I'm in love.
If I ultimately decided to not stretch my ears, my hope for my future ear setup is- Left Ear: 3 Lobes, a Conch, & an Industrial Right Ear: 3 Lobes & 1 Helix or Flat
My hypocthetical goal size is 2g. I'm really into a more minimal look, it's easier to hide, and I'm not really sure if I want stretched ears forever.
Pros - The jewelry! There is so much potential with stretched ears and you can do so much with them. Plugs, Tunnels, Weights, tunnels with hoops, etc. All of them look amazing. - I've been wanting to change something about my look and this is something I could do myself, without going anywhere. - I've been considering this for a while.
Cons - Never being able to wear studs or certain dangle jewelry in my first lobes. - I've never had a job before, and I'm afraid of what employers (and colleges) think. - The jewelry I have in mind for my future ear set up (if I don't stretch my ears) won't work with stretched ears because of the first reason. - I live with a family who, when I gave myself an eyebrow slit at around 14, held a prayer circle to tell me that I was a piece of shit human and pray that God can save me because I'm going to hell. For obvious and more personal reasons, I'm planning on going no-contact someday. But that won't be for several years.
So, should I do it? If not now, then later? Are there any other pros or cons that I missed?
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2020.09.28 08:50 tarvispickles Do you see a difference between dating exclusively and a relationship?

Everything just fell apart with the an amazing guy I was dating over this and I wanna know your opinions. It came up that I expected to date exclusively for a while before committing to a relationship if I'm interested in someone. The conversation had nothing to do with us and was in reference to a story about a past relationship but it set in motion a whole set of conversations that ultimately ruined everything and It was never even supposed to come up in the first place (story below)
--To me, dating exclusively is the next step where you're both interested enough in each other to dump the back burner options and get off the apps for a while to figure out your feelings about each other and if you see a future with each other without distractions.
--A relationship is the official stage where things get serious. You're labeled. Maybe you're FB official. You've met the friends. You probably love each other or at least couldn't see yourself with someone else right now. Decisions are made as a couple. Maybe you're talking what's next, etc
We've been dating almost 2 months and he thought that's what I wanted and asked me to be exclusive but then a week later felt that he was doing it for me and not for him. I honestly never wanted it to come up didn't want it inauthenticly. I kept telling him there was no pressure and he has control over whether we are or not I just wanted to know where we were at so I knew if I could see other people. He wasn't sure if we felt the same way about each other yet but he was extremely interested in continuing to getting to know me and actually afraid to have this conversation because he thought it would be the end of us. He also said he couldn't stand the thought of me being with someone else. But then a week and half later he wanted to go back to being non-exclusive and if the interest came up in seeing someone else we would talk about it and what he said about me being with other people was more him being territorial than having feelings for me. Honestly, we talked for 2.5 hours about it and in the end we both felt really happy about taking the pressure off of things and just enjoying each other's company a little while longer. We even decided to plan a romantic weekend together for the next weekend (supposed to be this weekend) and I had no doubts that he was genuinely very interested and had feelings for me. He just wasn't in love and honestly neither was I. We both said in the beginning that we only usually date one person at a time anyway but basically he felt like the label was pressuring the relationship to go in a certain direction. Ultimately, he said talking about the details and boundaries of how it would go all weekend made him feel like he was in a serious relationship and realized he wasnt as ready for that as he thought because he felt he didn't want to feel pressured into falling in love and committing to a relationship with me. He wanted it to happen organically If it was going to happen yet, ironically, he would put up all of these walls to control how it happened.
I'm so confused about the whole thing because basically he wanted nothing to change he just didn't want to commit to a label that yet he wanted to talk about dating or sleeping with other people first like some non-exclusive, non-relationship? He also didn't like the idea that it was all or nothing for me and that I was going to continue to date other people as if the conversation never happened and I think I triggered his abandonment issues with that and he thought it was easier just to end it. I even told him I never thought he would just give up over the first bump in the road. I think he has a fearful avoidant attachment style and has been looking for some betrayal to get out of it for a while but I never thought that he would give up over something so stupid to be honest because we were genuinely on the same page by the end of the weekend. At this point, I feel like I checked all of the boxes for him but he would put of as many walls as possible and force things to fall apart because it was such a 180 between Friday night at 10:00 p.m. and Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. when asked to talk. He was just done out of nowhere leaving me out a long romantic weekend with a guy that I really enjoyed being aroundva lot. It's exact final words after talking and crying for 2 hours were:
Don't blame yourself I don't think anyone needs to be "blamed". I am sorry for hurting you and for making you feel as if I didn't care by leaving so easily. After hearing you tell me I have walls up and that I don't know what I want (not in a bad way) I realized I have a lot of inner work I need to do so I can be more clear in my life. So thank you for that feed back. It was tough to hear but I needed to hear it. Please don't make this your fault. I just am not ready to have something serious and I tried to keep forcing myself. I heard the way you felt about me and I wanted to match that so badly but I couldn't. That's what I think is the real reason why it ended. I just wasn't ready. I'm sorry again. Take care
All I said after a few margaritas in Mexico was all of the great things I felt about him as a person and all of the things that I felt were compatible and that I felt when I met him he was supposed to come into my life for one reason or another. I didn't profess my love to him but apparently he took it that way. He did tell me early on that you have a rather dysfunctional datig history and he was used to chasing unavailable, toxic people (typical fearful avoidance as well) so what we had was new to him so I think that that initial infatuation maybe didn't come as easily for him due to his attachment issues but he really did want to give it a try and I was completely blown away that he was just over it completely in less than 48 hours because he constantly pressured himself to get on my level, which I've always made clear to him was never an expectation. Just so disappointing that you can invest all of this time and emotional energy into somebody who would just give up so quickly over something like that.
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2020.09.28 08:37 openwindowsat3am Perks of Becoming Secure

Heavy DA here before.
I’m turning 32. I dated a lot before, mostly LDR, and I never really cared about the dynamics as long as my independence was intact. With this mindset in mind, I entered a lot of short relationships with those who were “hysterics”, “manipulative”, “narcissistic”, “cheaters” or like me who desired a go-with-the-flow kind non-committal connections. I thought that’s the reality I would have to deal with forever, accepting what was available, attracting those who found my intelligence and emotional simplicity as ideal requirements, me not giving much but fairly aware of the other’s needs, but it took me awhile to realise the internal damage these relationships brought me. The hurt sinking deeper.
And one day, I told myself to work on “emotional awareness”. I decided to quit the city life and returned to my childhood town.
It’s been 3 years now. Here are what I’ve done.
  1. Journaling. I realise I tend to “think” about my feelings. I can write a logical long treatise of what’s going on, but It’s so hard to just say “I’m miserable”. It’s like saying that was not enough. Now, I do that more in writing. It’s like self-reporting what’s going on. I even save the emotional wheel as reminder. Lol
  2. Realising and accepting that feelings come and go, not constant. I was very afraid to share my feelings because I thought people would “think” of me as “consistently” that exposed feeling.
  3. Stating my needs and boundaries without being “dismissive” or “angry”. It’s such a relief when I say “I’m really stressed now, but I’ll entertain this when I can get enough rest and will let you know”. I don’t procrastinate anymore.
  4. More mindful of “manipulative” behaviors by other people. This is really gold and a skill that brought so much relief. I used to rationalise a lot even if my gut was telling me to run.
  5. It no longer feels like tragedy when the failure of connection happens. Now, I cry more. I sit in my emotions for 1-3 days. Then I get this freeing feeling after.
  6. I learned to end things in a direct, calm and respectful way. I state my reason, I state the general feeling and what’s not okay for me, be firm about my decision and not give a feeling of indecision to further confuse myself or the other. And not to feel guilty.
  7. I stop my tendency to “white lie”. This was my habit to safeguard space. Even if I just lying in bed, I’d lie that I’m busy to gently push the other away or for them to quickly understand that I need my space.
  8. I still take it slow in committing, but now it’s more like deeply knowing the true character of the other person before I say “I love you”. I really value consistency, so when people start exhibiting detaching, deactivating tendencies after the “honeymoon” stage, I confront it and invite them into a mature discussion, and if they “dismiss” or “gaslight” me for what I put forward, I run.
  9. I realise that it’s really hard to find a “secure” person. Now that I’m aware, the people available for dating seem to be unaware of their attachment style. Dating a DA reminds me of my old behaviors, and dating other insecure styles can really feel discouraging when the shifts start. I am also no longer attached to “finding” but more of letting things happen. I quit dating apps and I now focus on realworld interaction.
  10. As secure, I feel so boring compared to my older self, but definitely more confident. I used to feel the quick surprising high excitement between long depressive periods, but now everything is steady and aware. Also, when the external environment gets really emotionally stressful, I still feel heavily affected but I can sit in it than 100% feel threatened and avoid.
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2020.09.28 08:35 jdeslip Announcing Stadia Stats v. 0.0: Watching Stadia Go Up and to the Right

Announcing Stadia Stats v. 0.0: Watching Stadia Go Up and to the Right
TLDR: I’ve been regularly collecting metrics on various aspects of the Stadia platform and community. I’ll be sharing the data here on a monthly basis. The data is all public information and also very messy. So, major conclusions (e.g. about subscriber counts etc.) are not possible. But, I provide a limited amount of analysis. Link to the raw data is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18xasZZiUdoeLw33RUlaeFKUqGOKYYNmU-AwZFqonxAU/edit?usp=sharing
Full Version:
So, I’m a bit of a data geek. I’ve been trying to track Stadia by numbers for the last few months. You might have seen my posts about YouTuber (I love our content creators!) subscriber counts. But, that actually isn’t all I’ve been tracking. Here is the list of things I’ve begun tracking over time:
  • YouTube Subscriber Counts for Various Stadia Centric/Positive Channel
  • Twitter Followers for Various Stadia Centric/Positive Accounts
  • Reddit Subscriber Counts for Stadia and Other Cloud Gaming SubReddits
  • Google Play Store Review Count for Stadia and Other Cloud Gaming Apps
  • Leaderboard Size For OMD3, Uno, Thumper (New), Hitman (New)
    • It is very important to note that these are significant underestimates of actual player counts.
      • Leaderboards only show people who have manually set their privacy settings to allow "Any Player" to See "Game Activity" and "Achievements". There are no defaults, you have to choose during account setup. See for example the discussion with the Thumper Dev. here: https://www.reddit.com/Stadia/comments/e3pum3/thumper_leaderboards/
      • In OMD3, all leaderborads were reset 9 days after launch. This unfortunately was the most active time for the game. Leaderboard sizes are probably underestimated by between 10K and 40K (not including the underestimate due to privacy permissions).
      • If you have a suggestion of another game leaderboard I could use, I’d be interested. Doom, Temple of Osiris, Hotline Miami, Trials Rising, Monopoly all have leaderboards but are seemingly impossible to count.
  • Stadia Discord Membership
  • Stadia Leaderboard Size on Exophase.com and StadiaHunters.com
    • It is no surprise these are small. Everyone needs to actively create accounts on these two sites. I highly recommend setting up a StadiaHunters.com account since it is run by our own community members.
It is important to emphasize the limited value of this data. None of these metrics are easily connected to Stadia player or Pro subscriber count. There are a lot of unknowns. For example: many pro-subscribers claim games but have played only a fraction of them (what % is this? Does it vary significantly by game?), what fraction of people have their privacy settings set in a way that they would show up on global leaderboards (could be anywhere from 5% to 90%). What fraction of subscribers are on Reddit, Twitter, Discord? (And e.g. what fraction of Reddit Subscribers are just interested bystanders and trolls, ya, we’ve definitely got some of those).
Since we don’t have any of these answers, let’s keep our conclusions narrow. First let's show the plots. In my line of work, we sometimes talk about graphs that go "up and to the right" as being a sign of progress. While I again caution against drawing too many conclusions, it is nice to see things go up and to the right (of course some of the metrics have to by definition):
Summary Charts:
Community Promotion: Reviewing the app in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store is a great way to make your voice heard.
Please again note that all of these numbers are significant underestimates of player counts and the fraction by which underestimate player count varies significantly by game.
Community Promotion: Watch and subscribe to these folks' channels!
Community Promotion: Go to https://www.stadiahunters.com to get yourself added to their unofficial Stadia achievement leaderboard.
Other Narrow Analysis:
1. The January Ars Technica article that claimed Stadia was off to “Not a Strong Start” was dubious at best (https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/01/google-stadias-latest-free-game-only-has-a-few-thousand-total-players/). In the article, they mention that the Thumper leaderboard had 5,515 people on January 30 (and 4563 on January 15). At the time, the Steam leaderboard had 120K names, which they felt Stadia didn’t compare favorably to. That same Stadia leaderboard is now at 31K. Not too shabby for less than a year in. I have to admit, I’m a bad pro subscriber - I haven’t played Thumper yet myself. :/
That said, my biggest gripe with the article is that, while the article does point out that a lot of pro subscribers probably just didn’t play the game yet or weren’t interested in it (maybe they had played it before). They failed to also mention the fact that to be listed/counted on the leaderboard, the player has to MANUALLY allow "All Players" to access their "Game Activity" and "Achievements" in the Stadia Privacy settings. There is no default for these settings. Users have to set them manually when they create their account and can also manually update them later.
I'm not sure if other platforms have a similar privacy setting without a default (if you know, I’m curious), but this pretty much obfuscates the ability to conclude much about how many people have played on each platform, making the article somewhat pointless.
Ultimately the proof is in the pudding: the leaderboard size for Thumper Level 1 (even under the above caveats about how this likely significantly underestimates player count) continued to grow after that article was written. It is hard to say how many claimed it for free during the Jan 1 - April 30 free period vs bought it. I’d guess a lot of pro-subscribers claimed it but haven’t played it or are continuing to just get to it as time goes on (one of the nice things about Stadia Pro).
2. The OMD3 level 1 War Mage leaderboard currently has about 13.5K entries but is growing quickly. The 13.5K number is an especially drastic underestimate of the player count.
To get on the board, those listed had to:
  1. Beat the level (I tried and couldn't get on without beating it) on War Mage difficulty
  2. Had to have done so after the first 9 days of the game release (see below).
  3. Have your privacy settings manually set to allow "Any Player" (I assume).
In addition, you'll find 9K+ Apprentice and 1K+ Rift Lord level 1 finishers (good for you!) as well as a couple thousand co-op finishers. I'm sure there are some duplicates in the lists, but I'd guess we are looking at around 20K unique usernames.
One of the reasons this is a drastic underestimate is that scores were zeroed out for people who completed the level within 9 days of release (https://www.reddit.com/OrcsMustDie/comments/hw55uv/patch_for_omd3_coming_soon/). I had to replay the levels just to get on the leaderboard. In addition, nearly all of my friends who I know played the game shortly after release, don't appear on the leaderboard.
Since the first weeks of a game are by far its most active (particularly for level 1), I’d wildly guess we are missing anywhere from 10K to 50K names across the different leaderboards.
Given this major issue with the data, it is perhaps more interesting to instead look at the derivative - the rate at which the leaderboard size is increasing.
I think it is interesting to note that the War Mage and Apprentice Level 1 leaderboards (even with the caveats) are still growing by about 150 and 90 names a day respectively (that’s 4,500 and 2,700 a month).
3. Stadia’s Google Play review count is growing about 6% a month. That is just about 2x per year. The rating itself is pretty constant. This rate of growth is ~2x slower than the rate GeForce Now’s review count is growing right now (xcloud is all over the map due to the recent release). This metric could reflect actual growth differences or simply sociological differences between players or whether the app actively solicits reviews or not (if any one knows if any of the apps I track do, that would be an interesting piece of information I’d like to add to the notes).
Final Thoughts:
I’m ready to share a (read-only and not updated) September version of my spreadsheet to anyone interested, and I will try to update it each month here on Reddit. Here goes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18xasZZiUdoeLw33RUlaeFKUqGOKYYNmU-AwZFqonxAU/edit?usp=sharing
If people have any suggestions of other metrics to track, let me know. I’m particularly looking for games with leaderboards where Stadia counts can be feasibly extracted (see above - I struggled with Doom, Temple of Osiris, Hotline Miami, Trials Rising, Monopoly. I know there are at least 7412 players on the Monopoly leaderboard because that is my rank, but it is impossibly slow to navigate.
I’m also interested in cleaning this up to include the plots in a website. If anyone (e.g. u/one2escape) is interested in incorporating it into an existing Stadia website, I’d be willing to turn this into a page with highcharts/D3/react-plotting-library-of-choice or the like. Happy to do the little bit of web-programming this would require.
Edits: Fixing a few spelling, grammatical issues
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2020.09.28 08:27 Tiffanthony Boyfriend constantly texting other girls through social media

Hello This is my first reddit post and I felt called to share this and see what others think. I feel like I already know what I should do but it’s always nice to get advice from others.
So my boyfriend (M/20) and I (F/20) have been together for almost two years now. We make two years in December. In the beginning, I completely trusted him and I had no doubts or suspicions of him ever cheating or doing something behind my back. He treated me amazing and made me feel loved. We fell in love and I truly believed that I found my person.
Almost a year goes by, he offers me to move in with him. We lived together for about 3 months and to me the relationship felt normal. Sure we would have our disagreements and arguments here and there but what couple doesn’t? Anyways halfway through the time I lived with him, I started to have this weird suspicious feeling. I never had this feeling before with him so I was wondering why I was thinking and feeling this way now? I never felt the need to go through his phone. I knew his password and he knew mine and I knew he could go through my phone no problem I have nothing to hide. Now I am not in any way comfortable with going through someone else’s phone. Even if they have nothing to hide, it’s still their privacy. But something inside me kept nudging me to go through his phone and I had no idea why. I knew he had nothing to hide. He loves me. So I checked his Instagram DMs one day and found him dming other girls and replying to their photos/ stories. He would send heart, kiss, and love emojis calling them “beautiful”. This really came as a shock and surprise to me. I didn’t know he was that type of guy at all. I confronted him about it and he first blamed it on the fact that we had been arguing a lot recently. I told him “that’s no excuse. Every couple had their disagreements. It doesn’t mean you can go text other females behind my back.” the sad part was that he just stayed silent most of time. He had nothing to say but “I’m sorry.” After being sad,angry, and confused I decided to brush it off. A couple weeks go by and I get the same unusual feeling again. My coworkers tells me that she saw my boyfriend on Tinder. I was very confused and tried to find him. I downloaded the app, and started swiping until he popped up. His account eventually did pop up but I was scrolling so fast looking for him that I accidentally swiped past him. So I couldn’t go back and see his account unless I payed some premium subscription or something. I confront my boyfriend right after and he tells me he downloaded it a long time ago. Something told me he was lying and I asked him “okay so download it right now so I can see it.” He was hesitant but he did it anyways and I made him go through it to show me. He tries to make it seem like he hadn’t used it recently and I tell him “go to your tinder messages.” All the messages were extremely recent. Having conversations with all different types of girls but nothing bad or sexual just regular chatting. Nevertheless I was extremely hurt. I was done with being disrespected behind my back. I packed up my bags, and left him the next morning.
After we broke up, he kept texting and calling me crying saying how sorry he is for what he did. He would write me beautiful letters just pouring his heart out and apologizing. I could feel the pain in his voice and words but I kept telling him to give me some time. And he did for a few weeks until he started trying to see me again. He would ask me to hang out in person and after rejecting him so many times I finally gave in. In person he would talk to me sobbing and apologizing. He even deleted his Instagram account. I liked that he was taking full accountability for his actions but I was still hurt. After much apologizing I decided to give him another chance.
Before I took him back I made it absolutely clear to him that if I ever find him doing anything behind my back like that again, we are over for good. He understood and promised he wouldn’t do that again. Couple of months go by and we agreed to live together again. This time in a much better apartment. Now my trust for this man has been torn up but he would constantly reassure me that he wouldn’t hurt me again and that I can trust him. I slowly started to build my trust back even though I would still get those uncomfortable urges to check his phone. I would ignore the feeling, surrender, and just trust that he was being loyal. Sometimes I wake up at the most random times in the middle of the night with that horrible uncomfortable feeling of wanting to check his phone. Sometimes I’d give in and quickly scan through it and I would find something that didn’t sit right with me in his Snapchat. He was doing the same thing he did on Instagram but this time it’s on Snapchat. I was furious and confronted him about. And he had the audacity to act clueless and tried to make me seem like I imagined it. He showed me his Snapchat again and told me “look I’m not talking to any girls. See” He was obviously deleting all the conversations he had with these girls.
I let it go. Still getting those terrible urges to go through his phone every once in a while. Recently just two days ago, I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and checked his phone. Trying to find any evidence before he deletes it. Of course I find more of the same thing! He just doesn’t stop! Some of the stuff I find were old but it was when we were still together. Some of the things are very recent as in this week. For example, a girl post a selfie with the caption “can someone please come over and cuddle with me?” And my boyfriend would respond with “when?”. This time I got my phone and took pictures of all the things I found before he decided to delete them. Today we make 21 months together and he treats me good. He have such good talks and laughs together. We give a lot to each other. we barely argue now since we moved in for the second time. It hurts because I feel like I only know one side to this person. I just don’t understand how you can act completely in love with someone but flirt with other girls behind her back, delete them, and Then continue to show me affection like nothing happened. Deep down I know I can’t continue with this relationship. I can’t drop everything and leave him right now because of our lease. He has never physically cheated or so I hope. His friends and family tell me he’s very in love with me.
I’m just so confused. I know that if I left him, he would be heart broken. He knows this!! But yet still decides to go behind my back and text other girls. I’m just trying to make sense out of this. He says he’s happy with me and he doesn’t want to be with anyone else. I tell him all the time “You’re free as a bird to do what you please. We aren’t married, we don’t have kids, and if you want to see other girls, just tell me. But you can’t have those girls AND have me too.”
I would appreciate any advice. Just tell me how it is and what I need to hear. Love can make us blind sometimes. If you read this far, thank you so much.
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2020.09.28 08:19 vicastillo Thanks wilbur.

I dont know what led me to type this, it could be that it is 3 am for me or maybe that i am not having a good week, i really dont care if it is one or the other because i am here to just say thank you, thank you for all the good moments you have given me, thank you for all of the songs you have written/played and i have fallen in love with... last but not least thanks for giving me something to grab on to when i was falling.
The first time i watched your content and i saw the passion, the humor and the effort you putted onto the videos.... i fell in love with your content, for me it was a thing of beauty, even when i couldn’t find anything beautiful in my life, even when my dog passed away, even on days i couldn’t stop crying in my bed... you made me happy, you made me look up and say: i CAN do this.
Im typing this at 3:08 AM while i listen to my favorite song you have ever made, crying like its the first time in my life to ever cry... but because of you i can say: it is possible, i can do it.
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2020.09.28 08:15 TwistedPro_ My ideal fighter ship candidate

The ship in the link below my post is not my property but goes directly to them, and is the IDEAL candidate for a ship id love in all but 1 part, the engine. I myself would love a fighter thats just like this, but with a single engine. Anyone got any idea where I could find something like that? It's gotta be long nose, that makes me weak in the knees. https://www.reddit.com/NMSCoordinateExchange/comments/if1cp0/eissentam_rare_heavy_t3_fighter_with_long_nose/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
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2020.09.28 08:12 tanboem Why can't I get over him even though he is GAY?

Dear fellows, Please give me some words for my situation. I am a straight girl. I was wholeheartedly in love with a man for 5 years. Few days ago I found out he is gay and I told him I knew. I told him I was heartbroken because what I thought was real for 5 years was not, he was never in love with me like I thought. He can't. He is gay. Shocked and embarrassed that I found out, he just told me to "Leave me the fuck alone", and cut me off totally after that, without a proper word of saying goodbye. He blocked me on every channel on the Internet: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Duolingo etc. It hurts so much that I can be let go just in a few days without a proper conversation like that. I know these days are too tough for me, but easy for him, because he never loves me to begin with. Why do I know he is gay but I hurt this much? Why do I know he is gay but I miss him unbearably and I just want to talk to him, to go out with him again, and to have him back in my life? Why is the fact that he is gay hasn't helped me get over faster? Can you guys give me some advice? And did I do the wrong thing by telling him that I knew? I keep regretting because I feel like if I hadn't said anything, I still have him in my life, and can talk to him anytime I want. Please guys. Help me go through my pain by sharing some words. Thanks.
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2020.09.28 08:11 quotesgood Quotes About Parents That Will Make You Appreciate Them

Quotes About Parents That Will Make You Appreciate Them
Here are some beautiful quotes for parents. We should always show Parents values to them. After reading these motivational quotes about parents you will be able to know what our parents why should love them. More than 100+ quotes on parents to share on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media.
Read More
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2020.09.28 08:10 blahblahblah1211 I (29F) matched on Bumble with a guy (29M) I dated briefly 6 months ago, we ended on good terms and I don't know if I should message him or not

So I met this guy through a dating app about 6 months ago, we dated for maybe a monthish? and we called it quits because of a couple reasons, but overall it was a really great experience. Here were some pros and cons: Pros 1. He is insanely hot 2. We have incredible sexual chemistry 3. We definitely connect intellectually as well, we had no problem making conversation and I think our intellectual connection was a big reason we connected so well sexually. 4. I had SO much fun with him on every date we went on. I have really good memories of the dates we went on. 5. He's charming, not arrogant, sensitive, caring, funny, not afraid of being vulnerable, smart, open minded so long as your ideas make logical sense, kind, hard working, passionate 6. We were incredibly good communicators together. I appreciated how direct, honest and open we could be with each other about anything. I loved how much of an open book both of us were. We ended things on incredibly good terms because of this. 7. We have loads of similar interests in art, music and things we like to do for fun 8. It felt really rad that we both were really into each other physically and emotionally
Cons 1. He has no relationship experience and it showed. I think his longest relationship ever was less than 6 months? This is an important skill set I feel, especially as someone who's been in two LTRs. 2. He's really into bringing up controversial topics I think as like a test? For fun?? I told him at one point "I don't know what your deal is with chronically wanting to make controversial statements to debate all the time, but I don't want this job" 3. He's fairly immature, I definitely think he has some growing up to do. This is mostly in regards to certain mannerisms and his seeming inability to think of compromise over competition or just giving up when conflict or disagreement occurs. 4. He's at a crossroads in his career and doesn't know what he wants to do. 5. I don't think he's fully secure within himself.
We ultimately ended things because of how clearly annoyed I would get whenever he would want to debate a controversial topic (which was often) and because it became uncomfortably obvious to both of us after a number of dates that we were leaning on our sexual chemistry and ignoring everything else happening between us (basically everything in the con list lol).
I don't know why I swiped right on him now or why he swiped right on me given all this. I think because at the end of the day, I like him as a person, I enjoyed the time we had together and we clearly connect. It might seem obvious that just being FWB is a good route for us, but that's not what I want, I've never wanted a FWB type relationship. I don't really know what I want with him.
Part of me thinks "maybe those problems above are solvable and I can make it work given everything else" and part of me thinks "don't you think you'll end up in the same place you arrived last time?" Ugh. I don't know what to do.
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2020.09.28 08:00 RazTTV Bought a S5 watch in 2020. Am I going to regret it?

As the title says I bought a S5 watch from Dubai as I was leaving the country. Apple products cost 30% more in India so I had to buy a watch in Dubai before leaving.
Unfortunately the S6 was out of stock and will take around a month to restock. Me, being impatient as always bought the S5 and I’m loving it so far.
Should I have waited for the S6? I don’t do much exercise and the blood oxygen app is pretty irrelevant to me.
What I’m worried about is that will the S5 lose support in the near futures? Say one or two years
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Clover - YouTube Application of love - YouTube YouTube What's app love song🎶 - YouTube Clover Station Review: Top 5 Apps - YouTube How to Register on Love's Connect App - YouTube

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. * Pyaar no application * To The janeman I love you 'jaan' Subjects - my love is my life Dear Janu I beg to say that, I am a student of your heart my dill is ... You’ve got a plan. We want to make sure it pays off. We empower small businesses by giving them the tools to run efficiently, help them thrive, and wow their... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Chill with Chill music 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 For more videos follow my Instagram... I'm on Instagram as @chill_tune_s. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. https:... MY FIRST CRUSH: High School Love - Today we are playing a free app game called MY FIRST CRUSH! We fall in love with the cutest boy in school! Will he ask us ... 1. Insights - 1:45 / Customer Loyalty/Rewards - 4:00 / Increasing profits - 6:55 / Online - 8:50 / Social Media - 13:12 https://www.bestpointsofsale.com - My... https://loves.com/en/my-love-rewards/download-loves-connect Step 1: All first time users and those who upgrade the Love’s Connect mobile app will register wi...